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     Sky PerfecTV Premium Hikari (Home)
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     Sky PerfecTV e2 (Home)
     Sky PerfecTV e2 (Satellite)
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     JCOM (CATV)
Internet / IP Telephone Services
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Web Hosting
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     IT Concierge Service
Welcome to our IT Concierge Service.

Our mission is to save your time in IT so that you can spend your time on more precious things in life.
Generally IT related things are complicated and time consuming even if it is just an application for an IT service or troubleshooting in devices.
At Assist Solutions Corp., we are proud to act as agents for Japan’s major IT & TV service providers, and we will arrange your services on your behalf (free service).
We also have skillful in-house tech staffs, so we can dispatch them to your residence when necessary (service fee required).
Simple Procedure
Onsite Support
Customer Support
For your IT needs, all you need to do is contact us and we will assist in organizing your Internet, TV and phone services for free.
If you would like for one of our technicians to visit your residence to provide technical assistance, please contact us.
Our customer support team assists you in English. Feel free to call us in English for any support inquiries.

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