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     SonixNet SIM
Looking for low-price and reliable mobile services?

Using NTT DOCOMO's vast and comprehensive mobile network, SonixNet SIM delivers unmetered and 5GB data plans through Freebit/Bekkoame's internet connection at the most friendly prices on the market.
SMS and Voice plans are also available at a discounted price.
SonixNet SIM is most compatible with various unlocked SIM-free smartphones or pocket Wi-Fi devices (see here for a full list of tested devices)
Unmetered Data Plans

With unmetered data plans, the monthly data usage (DL/UL) is not accounted for. If your accumulated total data consumption within 3 days exceeds 3GB, your bandwidth will be throttled down to a maximum speed of 200kbps until the 3-day total falls under 3GB.


*With the 5GB plan, after exceeding the limit, the connection speed will be throttled to under 200kbps for the rest of the month.




5GB Unmetered
Data Only 1,500 JPY 3,200 JPY
Data+SMS 1,700 JPY 3,400 JPY
Data+SMS/Voice 2,800 JPY 3,900 JPY


*Above shows recurring monthly basic fee. An account activation fee of 3,000 JPY (one-time) applies separately upon application.
*Pay-per-use calling/SMS charges apply separately. See below for details.
*Basic fee of first billing month (day of sign-up to end of month) is free. Billing commences on 1st of following month.
*Minimum contract period is 3 months. Cancellations can be accepted after the 3rd month of contract.
*Switching between plans require an administrative fee of 3,000 JPY.
*Discount of 300 JPY applies to the monthly basic fee of the second (or more) Voice SIM application(s).



Domestic Calls 20 JPY / 30 sec
Domestic SMS 3~ JPY / message
International SMS 50~JPY / message
Overseas SMS 100~ JPY / message


*International calls are disabled by default. If enabled, rates will be subjected to NTT DOCOMO's rates (check here - Japanese only)
*Incoming calls/SMS are free.
*International SMS = sending an SMS to an overseas number from a location within NTT DOCOMO's service area in Japan.
*Overseas SMS = sending an SMS from outside NTT DOCOMO's service area. Requires international calling to be enabled.
*SMS are restricted to approximately 150 single-byte characters per message.



Call Waiting +300 JPY / month
Voice Mail +300 JPY / month
Enable International Calling Enable International Calling


*International calling is disabled by default. If enabled, international calling will be limited to a total cost of 20,000 JPY per month.
*For international callers, we recommend Networld's 003765 Premier. For details see here



SonixNet SIM Application Form
Application Form (for 2nd SIM card)
APN Setup Guide (iOS)
APN Setup Guide (Android)
Voicemail Service Instruction


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