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     SonixNet VPN
Dedicated direct connection with maximized speed

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) provides a secured tunnel for you on the internet, and conceals your IP and location.
You can choose any of our VPN server locations, which connects directly from Tokyo with high-speed static connection.
Our VPN service is provided in the shape of a rental Wi-Fi router, with customized openVPN configurations dedicated to each location.
All you need is an exisiting internet connection(speed of more than 10Mbps is required).

Setup is easy - just connect the VPN rental router to your existing internet router. This will create a separate Wi-Fi network in your home, and you can switch between your domestic home Wi-Fi and the VPN Wi-Fi, depending on your browsing contents. The monthly flat rate fee includes the cost of the rental device and data usage is unlimited. No hidden fees!




Locations / Prices

Region Server Location Monthly Fee
USA San Francisco 2,500 JPY
Australia Sydney
UK London 3,500 JPY


*An initial account activation fee of 3,000 JPY applies separately upon application.
*First billing month (day of sign-up to the end of the month) is free. Monthly fee is charged starting on the 1st of the following month.
*SonixNet VPN provides you with a private connection, but illegal activities (download/upload of copyrighted content, etc.)are strictly prohibited and can be detected.



USA VPN Application Form
Australia VPN Application Form
UK VPN Application Form

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